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Parent and Community Testimonials

Cabarita Mortlake pre-school is fun and friendly where learning through fun and play is their mantra. Both of my children have had the privilege of spending their early years enjoying songs, learning and building friendships that have continued to thrive.

Nancy R- past parent at CMK

 The school is well equipped and focused on play and exploring the children's interests. There are incursions during the year and strong parent participation which provides good variety for the children and exposure to different cultures.
The staff obviously care about what they do much more than it just being a job and are always keen for parent feedback and ideas.
In the past they have created a vegetable garden, fairy garden, had a science day, yoga classes and numerous cooking sessions- all of which the children love.
I would thoroughly recommend Cabarita-Mortlake Kindergarten as a safe and inspiring place for your child to develop.
Danny W- past parent at CMK

We love the play based approach to learning that Cabarita Mortlake preschool has. Our two children have thrived in this learning environment. The educators have been able to build on their interests, challenge them at their individual level and helped them build their own connections. This solid foundation has enabled them to become confident children who have been able to form great relationships with their peers and educators. This preschool has become a second home for our children and we love being part of this community.

Kelly P – past parent at CMK

We always feel like our son is the centre of attention for all teachers and yet we know from speaking to many other parents that everyone feels the same way about their own kids. It is amazing that all children are treated the same with such a high level of attention. We also feel that the preschool actively engages the parents to seek opportunities to become better but, in truth, the preschool is already a top facility.  

Jonathan K – past parent at CMK


The staff are an asset to this kindergarten and always make all of the family members feel included and cared for. My daughter felt at home from day one which was my main concern when starting preschool. The preschool is always kept so tidy and lovingly maintained. Every day of my daughters 2 day per week visit there is an exciting new activity/ lesson and she is thriving. Thank you for being her extended family and making preschool an amazing place.

Amanda S- current parent at CMK

Cabarita Mortlake Kindy is a wonderful preschool, I attended this preschool as a child 20 years ago and I have fond memories. I remember learning to tie my shoe laces, and loving every day I spent there. My daughter now attends three days a week and she begs me to go every day, I am dreading the day she has to leave, she loves her teachers and always expresses her admiration for them. In the short time that my daughter has been at Cabarita Mortlake Kindy she has learnt so much,  her drawing skills have improved dramatically, she is able to sight her alphabet and numbers, and has gained much knowledge and skills that will not only help her progress into primary school but will help her grow into a great person, I am so thankful for all the great support and love the teachers and children show to not only my daughter but to our whole family, I'm sure my daughter will share the same fond memories of Cabarita Mortlake Kindy as I do.

Jessica K- past parent at CMK

Cabarita Mortlake is a warm and friendly preschool. I have had three of my children at the preschool but was also a student there myself many years ago. I love that whilst they have moved with the times over the years the important things like social skills, school readiness, numeracy and literacy have not changed and have taught my children great values setting them up for school. The staff are incredibly caring, dedicated and professional and welcoming to the children and families.

Maria G – past parent at CMK

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