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​"Education is the most powerful weapon which  you can use to change the world". - Nelson Mandela
​Learning through Play

At Cabarita Mortlake Kindy we implement a play based curriculum because children learn through play. They are learning how to collaborate, negotiate, make choices, organise, explain, lead, communicate, share, take responsibility, ask and answer questions, record, interpret, predict, recall and reflect. It is also believed that play shapes the structural development of the brain and research shows it assists in building and strengthening  brain pathways.  We believe in the importance of play for all children, as this is how they learn and how they progress. At preschool children regularly engage in "Free Play" where they are provided with materials, equipment and activities that allow them to make their own choices in how and what they play with. These experiences are designed and planned by the educators  with individual or group outcomes in mind, however the children have the freedom and the agency to direct and shape their play and learning, providing them with more scope to grow, develop and learn in meaningful and relevant ways and at their own rate.

As part of our preschool program and in order to prepare children for school, our qualified educators will use their training and knowledge to competently provide a holistic educational program that challenges yet supports young learners as they learn and develop new skills, whilst practicing and refining existing ones. We encourage children to be active and engaged learners and aim to foster a lifelong love of learning and self-awareness that will bloom with them as they grow. Children will have many opportunities to explore early literacy and numeracy concepts through play and intentional group teaching. Throughout the year we engage the children with the world through incursions at preschool, excursions in the community, yoga, cooking, gardening, and family and cultural events. Our natural outdoor environment and gardens encourage the children to develop an appreciation for nature and help reinforce the embedded messages of sustainability and social responsibility within our program.

Incursions & Excursions

Throughout the year the children have opportunities to engage in numerous incursions or excursions. Some of our favourites include sea creature shows, Peter Morgan cultural music, Aboriginal dance or cultural shows, insect visits, firefighters, Ditto child protection show, Healthy Harold, visits to the farm, and museum outings. In terms 2 & 3 the children also participate in additional educational experiences designed to foster physical development and well-being, such as Yoga, Growfit or Gymbaroo. These activities and experiences are rotated over a two year cycle to ensure that all children have an opportunity to engage in a broad range of new and interesting experiences. The cost for all incursions, excursions and additional educational experiences is included

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