As a community preschool Cabarita Mortlake Kindergarten is partially funded by the NSW State Government Start Strong Funding Model as part of the preschool funding package to support 3-5 year old children, as well as children from Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island and low- income families, access a minimum 15 hours per week of Early Childhood education.

The following information is provided to help you with understanding the current fee structure at Cabarita Mortlake Kindergarten. Please note that the fee structure for 2022 is an estimate based on our current funding and expenses and may change at any time. 2022 budgets and fees will be finalised and approved by the executive committee in December 2021. Daily fees will be determined at that point for the following year.





Please note:  A 4/ 5 year old child for 2022 will be defined as a child whose date of birth occurs on or prior to July 31st, 2018 and who could attend formal schooling in 2023. 4/ 5 year old children receive a higher subsidy from the NSW government and are therefore charged at a lower rate. A higher daily rate applies to 3 year old children who are born on or after 1st August, 2018. Children requiring Equity funding (those from Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander background and/or from a low income Health Care Card holding family) may apply for a reduction in the daily fees which will be determined on an individual/needs based method.

Parents are not charged for any Staff Development Days (maximum 5 per year), school holidays or public holidays. Payment will still need to be made for any preschool days missed due to illness or family holidays scheduled within the school term.

Current Fees
2021 Actual Fees
*under "Covid Free preschool"  fee waivers and reductions are currently in place for 2021 due to additional NSW State Funding
2022 Estimated Fees - dependent on NSW State Funding and preschool operating expenses
Daily Fees - 4/5 year olds
$38 per day (all inclusive)
$40-42 per day (all inclusive)
Daily Fees - 3 year olds 
$58 per day (all inclusive)
$55-60 per day (all inclusive)